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ARTICLES (most in PDF format)

Sea World and Blackfish (2014) Barry Kent MacKay.

The Captivity Industry, The reality of zoos and aquariums (2009) Lori Marino, Gay Bradshaw & Randy Malamud.

Zoos: Why a Revolution is Necessary to Justify Them (2008) Jeremy Leon Hance.

The Elephant in the Room (2008) Jonathan Nicholas.

Captive breeding 'weakens' beast (2007) Richard Black.

Can't rely on captive breeding to save species (2007) David Suzuki & Dr. Faisal Moola. [Link to external website].

The Future And Ethics Of Zoos (2007) David Hancocks.

Dolphin-Assisted Therapy: More Flawed Data and More Flawed Conclusions (2007) Lori Marino & Scott O. Lilienfeld.

Aquatic animals, cognitive ethology, and ethics: questions about sentience and other troubling issues that lurk in turbid water (2007) Marc Bekoff.

Is the Ark Afloat? - Captivity and Ex-Situ Conservation in UK Zoos, An Analysis By The Born Free Foundation (2007)

Wild Animals and Strict Liability: The African Lion Safari Case (2005) Douglas Christie, LLB.

Captive Cetaceans: The Science Behind The Ethics (2004) Naomi Rose.

Captivity effects on wide-ranging carnivores (2003) Ros Clubb & Georgia Mason.

Creating Gardens Of Ecology (2003) David Hancocks.

Reintroduction of Captive-bred Animals to the Wild: Is the modern ark afloat? (2001) Rob Laidlaw.

Electric Fence Perimeters For Bears: Moving Away From The Traditional Grotto (2000) Karen Cowan & Andrew Venables.

Zoos: Myth and Reality (2000) Rob Laidlaw.

Zoos and the End of Nature (1999) Steven Best.

When Zoos Tell Lies (1997) Barry Kent MacKay.

The Insufficiency of Zoological Gardens (1996) David Hancocks.

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh No (1992) David Hancocks.



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