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Investigation Report Springwater Provincial Park Wildlife Compound October 2012 A Zoocheck report.

CAZA Accreditation Critique Part 1 (2012) A commentary of the accreditation standards of the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

An Investigative Report - Polar Bears in Mexican Zoos (2012) A Zoocheck report.

Wild Neighbours: The Safety and Security of Ontario's Wildlife in Captivity Facilities (2010)  Additional Images 1 Click Here

A Review of Zoos in Ontario, Has Anything Changed? (2010)

Ontario Zoo Review Series (2008)

A Review of Guzoo Animal Farm Based on the Alberta Zoo Standards (2007)

A Review of Discovery Wildlife Park Based on the Alberta Zoo Standards (2007)

The Sad State of Captive Elephants in Canada (2007). A review of elephant exhibits in Canadian zoos.

Ontario Zoo Review Series (2006)

Performing Prisoners: A Case Against the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses, Travelling Shows and Novelty Acts (2006). An examination of issues related to the use of wild animals in performing situations.

Failing the Grade, A Report on Conditions in Ontario's Zoos (2005). A WSPA Canada report.

Failing the Grade, Alberta Zoos Five Years On (2005). A WSPA Canada report.

The Bull in the China Shop, An Assessment of the Human Safety Risks Associated With Wild Performing Animals in Circuses (2005).

The Sad Story Behind Guzoo Animal Farm: A review of the history of Guzoo and the lack of enforcement of the Alberta Wildlife Act (2005).

The Indian Zoo Inquiry, A review of conditions in the zoos of India (2005).

Welfare, Risk and Guzoo Animal Farm: A 2004 Review.

Comments On The First Draft Of "Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) Guidelines On: The Care and Maintenance of Marine Mammals" (2004).

Broken Promises? A report on the well-being of animals at the Greater Vancouver Zoo (2003).

Public Safety and the Ineffectiveness of Circus Recapture Plans (2003) . A response to a circus recapture plan.

Stopping the use, sale and trade of whales and dolphins in Canada: How protection is consistent with WTO obligations (2003) A legal opinion in response to Canada's claim that a cetacean import ban would contravene WTO rules.

Commentary on the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) accreditation process: Marineland of Canada, Niagara Falls (2002).

Venomous snakes and snake bite (2000). An examination of the danger posed by venomous snake bites.

American Black Bear: A comparison of husbandry and housing practices (2000). A comparative analysis of American black bear husbandry and housing practices in several facilities.

Wildlife in Captivity: An Examination of Legal Requirements in Canada and Around the World (2000). An analysis of zoo legislation around the world.

Gray Wolf: A comparison of husbandry and housing practices (2000). A comparison of gray wolf husbandry and housing practices in several facilities.

Prairie Zoos: Captive Wildlife Collections in Alberta and Saskatchewan (2000) . An examination of prairie zoos and animal displays by consultant Marilyn Cole.

The Bear Essentials: A Survey of Captive American Black Bears in Ontario (1999). An examination of facilities in Ontario housing American black bears by consultant Marilyn Cole.

Distorted Nature: Exposing the Myth of Marineland (1998). Thirteen internationally recognised wildlife authorities review Marineland of Canada's animal care and housing.

While Rome Burns... A Report into Conditions in the Zoos of Ontario (1998). An investigation of zoos in Ontario by veterinarian/animal behaviourist Dr. Samantha Lindley.

Canada's Forgotten Polar Bears: An Examination of Manitoba's Polar Bear Export Program (1997). An investigation into the Province of Manitoba's polar bear export program.

Zoos In Maritime Canada: An Investigative Report (1996). An investigation of 11 zoos and wildlife parks in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick by British veterinarian/zoo inspector Dr. John Gripper.

The West Edmonton Mall Dolphins: Options For The Future (1996). A non-technical discussion of possible alternatives to captivity for the four bottlenose dolphins held at the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta. [Not available online.]

Zoos In Ontario: An Investigative Report (1995). An investigation of eighteen zoos in Ontario by British veterinarian/zoo inspector Dr. John Gripper.

No Biodome Belugas, Backgrounder (1995). An overview of the Montreal Biodome's plans to acquire beluga whales for public display, and a discussion of marine mammal captivity issues. [Not available online.]

Should The Suffield Wild Horses Remain Wild? Why the Impending Round-Up Must Be Stopped. A scientific challenge to the Department of National Defence's decision to remove the wild horses from Canadian Forces Base Suffield (1994). An examination of the Department of National Defence's plans to remove the last herd of wild horses from the Canadian prairies. [Not available online.]

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