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A Tax Deduction Could be Sitting in Your Driveway!

Participate in Cars for Charity by donating your vehicle to Zoocheck Canada through the Standard Auto Wreckers Vehicle Donation Program.

Charity Cars
In addition to receiving a tax receipt for your donation, you'll be helping to clean up the environment. Older, less efficient cars are major contributors to air pollution and landfill problems in Canada. The vehicle donation program ensures proper recycling of these vehicles.

Standard Auto Wreckers (SAW) has been a trusted auto parts supplier since 1979, serving the GTA and surrounding area. Parts are either sold ‘Off the Shelf Ready to Go’, or through ‘UPIC’, where customers may pull parts from vehicles in the self serve section of its facility.

SAW houses a complete Tire Shop, stocks New and After Market parts and has qualified sales representatives in its call centre who have access to a large computerized inventory of parts for most cars and trucks. Its professional sales team works with each customer, to ensure that every request is processed and confirmed quickly.

Although SAW has helped thousands of customers with their car-parts needs over the years, they realize the opportunity to do much more for the community and do so via their Charity Cars Program, launched in 2005. If you have an end-of-life vehicle that you would like to donate with proceeds going to Zoocheck Canada, please call 416-286-8686 ext. 264 or email Standard Auto Wreckers.

For more information, please check out the Standard Auto Wreckers Website.

How do I Donate?
Simply call Zoocheck Canada at 416 285 1744 for more information or phone the Standard Auto Wreckers Vehicle Donation Program number 416 286 8686 ext. 264 to speak with one of their dispatch representatives.

Your vehicle will be sold for parts recycling or to a dealer depending on the condition and location. The net proceeds will be remitted to Zoocheck Canada and we will send you a tax receipt.

It's that easy!

The program is currently only available in the Greater Toronto Area.

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