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workplace giving

Many companies have established workplace giving programs involving a payroll deduction plan (where a small donation is automatically deducted from each paycheque), a matching gift program (where the business matches the employee's donation) or special event fundraising initiatives.

Find out if your business has an organized giving program and join in to support Zoocheck's wildlife protection campaign work. If your business doesn't have a giving program, think about starting one.

In-Kind Giving

In-Kind giving is a contribution of goods or services. Examples, include, but are not limited to, donations of new and surplus inventory, artwork, professional services, such as design or marketing, and any other non-cash product or service. Donors are eligible to receive a Gifts-in-Kind tax receipt.

If you are interested in making an in-kind gift, please contact Zoocheck by email, fax or phone. 



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