Awesome Orcas: Grade 4

Orcas Front of Postcard

Habitats and Food Chains

  • Find out what a killer whale’s ocean habitat is really like – it’s a lot more than just salty water!
  • Play Krill: A Whale of a Game, and discover what food chains exist in the Antarctic Ocean.
  • Listen to the sounds a killer whale makes to communicate with its own pod, and find out how scientists study these calls using sound pictures called spectrograms.
  • Discover how whales “see” in the ocean using echolocation. Experiment with slinkiess and tuning forks to understand how sound travels through a whale’s jawbone. Find out if you can catch your prey by listening for echoes.
  • Learn how to identify individual whales in the wild by their saddle patches and dorsal fins.
  • Make some predictions about how far a killer whale can swim in one day and how deep they can dive.
  • Compare a captive orca habitat with an ocean habitat and learn more about helping both wild and captive orcas.