Stingray touch tanks a bad idea

By John Youngman and Rob Laidlaw With the near demise of circuses using wild animals, many people thought the days of traveling animal shows and exhibits was over in Canada. They’re not. In fact, a large number of mobile zoos and animal displays continue to ply their trade across the […]

#No Love For Marineland

You’ve heard the jingle “Everyone Loves Marineland”? We don’t think that’s true. The truth is not everyone loves them. Add your voice and sign our “No Love For Marineland” petition.  After you sign, upload a video of you saying “I’ve got No Love For Marineland” to your social feeds with […]

Fight Ontario government plan that will allow every small game license holder to kill up to 1500 cormorants a month!

CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR COMMENTS ON THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT’S PLAN TO ALLOW EVERY SMALL GAME LICENSE HOLDER TO KILL UP TO 1500 CORMORANTS A MONTH A short while ago the Ontario government announced, through an Environmental Bill of Rights website posting, their plan to designate cormorants as a “game” […]

Yupik, el oso polar mexicano muere en el zoológico de Morelia sólo un día antes de que Estados Unidos pueda avanzar

12 de noviembre de 2018 para su publicación inmediata. Según el zoológico Benito Juárez en Morelia, México, el oso polar Yupki murió esta mañana debido a “complicaciones en su salud”. Todavía no se sabe si el zoológico sacrificó a Yupi o si la encontraron ya muerta en su recinto. La […]

Yupi the polar bear dead at Morelia Zoo

November 12, 2018 For Immediate Release Yupi the Mexican polar bear dead at Morelia Zoo just one day before US can move forward According to the Benito Juarez Zoo in Morelia, Mexico, Yupi the polar bear died this morning due to “complications in her health.” It is not yet known […]

Exotic pet workshops coming up soon!

Zoocheck and World Animal Protection are hosting three events dealing with a variety of issues associated with the keeping of wild (exotic) animals as pets. The events take place in Moncton, New Brunswick (October 1), Vancouver, British Columbia (October 3) and Toronto, Ontario (October 5). Each event will be of […]

First ever wild horse symposium in Alberta June 1st

The first ever symposium on Alberta’s wild horses featuring a day of informative and inspiring presentations about wild horse history, culture, management and protection by leading scientists and experts and an evening keynote address (7 pm) by renowned Alberta historian Dr. Max Foran. Price includes day presentations, evening keynote and […]


Vancouver Talk by Rob Laidlaw on March 27th

Nature in a Box, The paradoxical and dangerous world of zoos and aquariums with Zoocheck founder and author Rob Laidlaw A thought provoking illustrated journey into the world of wild animal captivity March 27, 2018, 7.30 pm (doors open 7 pm) Library Square Conference Center Alma Vandusen & Peter Kaye […]