Elephant Adventures: Grade One

Ele KIW front postcard

Animal Needs and Characteristics

  • Find out what makes elephants unique and what elephants need to survive life on the African savannah or in the Indian forest.
  • Elephants have trunks! Is it a nose? An arm? A snorkel? A trumpet? Check out how elephants use their trunks in amazing ways.
  • Elephants need space. Predict how much space a real elephant would take up in your classroom and then work cooperatively to create a life-size elephant.
  • Elephants need to keep cool. Experiment with a life-size elephant ear replica and find out how elephants use their ears to cool off. Then experiment with mud and wrinkly skin and find out how wrinkles keep elephants cool too.
  • Elephants need food and water. Learn more about the herbivores and carnivores of Africa as you play Elephant Bingo.
  • Elephants need their family. Can you match up the elephants in the family tree of one herd?
  • Put it all together by comparing a wild habitat with a captive one. Discover what you can do to help elephants in the wild and in captivity.