Wild Animals in Captivity

Throughout the world, millions of animals are held captive in a broad range of facilities, including zoos, zoo-type displays, aquariums and circuses, to name just a few. A large number of these facilities claim to be concerned about animal welfare and say they are important contributors to public education and wildlife conservation but most of these claims do not stand up to scrutiny. Collectively these facilities still subject large numbers of animals to unsuitable, often cruel, conditions, continue to extract animals from the wild, make little or no contribution to in-situ wildlife conservation and have little or no demonstrable educational benefit.

Zoocheck works to end the abuse, neglect, suffering and exploitation of wild animals in captivity by:

  • challenging abusive and/or outdated zoo industry practices,
  • promoting behaviour-based husbandry of all captive animals,
  • pushing for broad reform of the zoo and aquarium industry,
  • challenging the fallacy of zoo conservation and education,
  • animal rescue,
  • working to end the use of wild animals in abusive entertainment situations.

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