Learn About Chimpanzees

Savethechimpartby abbyChimpanzees are endangered. Their natural habitats are being destroyed or fragmented and chimps are often killed for bushmeat. Chimps are also kept in captivity in zoos, circuses, research labs and by entertainment businesses where they may be severely confined and cruelly treated.

You Can Help Chimpanzees

  • Recycle! Cell phones, computers and other electronics use coltan, which is mined in Africa where wild chimps live. Start a cell phone recycling campaign with your class.
  • Avoid supporting forms of entertainment, including circuses  and movies, in which chimps and other primates are used.
  • Support Canada’s only chimpanzee sanctuary, the Fauna Foundation.  Visit them at faunafoundation.org.
  • Print this postcard template on card stock paper, draw a picture on the front, write a message on the back and mail it to Air France telling them you are not okay with them transporting primates for the research industry!

To know more about the plight of chimps in the wild and in captivity:

  1. Learn some fun facts about chimps!
  2. Learn where chimps live.
  3. Check out some adorable photos of chimps.
  4. Read the book, My Life with the Chimpanzees, by Jane Goodall.
  5. Watch this video of animal actors in Hollywood.
  6. Then play some games to test your knowledge.

Chimp KIW front