Me & The Chimpanzee: Grade 5

Chimp KIW front

The Human Body

  •  Learn all about organ systems and anatomy while exploring the similarities and differences between humans and their closest living relative, the chimpanzee.
  • Measure lung capacity and heart rate. How does it compare to a chimpanzee?
  • Compare the skeletal hand of a human to a chimpanzee’s.
  • Try to beat a chimp at a memory game.
  • Discover what muscles help humans move bipedally and what muscles help chimpanzees move quadrupedally.
  • Compare the diet, teeth, and digestive system of a human to a chimpanzee.
  • Try to perform simple tasks without the use of your opposable thumb.
  • Who’s stronger, you or a chimp? Use a dynamometer to measure your arm strength and find out.
  • Play a chromosome match-up game.
  • Check out human and chimpanzee fingerprints.
  • Identify emotions using facial expressions.
  • Learn more about chimps in captivity – in zoos and circuses, as pets, in the entertainment industry, in sanctuaries, and in research – and then learn how you can become an advocate for the chimpanzee!