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Listen to past episodes from Kathryn Sussman’s Now You Know podcast series.


Still wearing animals? Why we should be kinder to our kin
(with Ingrid Newkirk, President, PETA)

Is ethical fashion on your radar? Why it should be!
(with Joshua Katcher, New York fashion designer & entrepreneur)

Behind the Smile: We’ve Banned it at Home, Let’s Not Do it Abroad
(with Melissa Matlow, Campaign Director, World Animal Protection)

Why we are sending orangutans to school: How we are hurting and helping our nearest relatives
(with Dr. Anne Russon, primatologist)

Think climate change is the polar bear’s greatest threat?
Think again
(with author/conservationist Morten Jorgensen)

The Ocean is the Planet
(with Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

Dissection Part 2: The Amazing Benefits of Non-Animal Alternatives to Classroom Dissection
(with Dr. Elizabeth Ormandy, Executive Director Animals in Science Policy Institute)

Why Bats Shouldn’t Get a Bad Rap
(with Rob Laidlaw, Director, Zoocheck)

How we unwittingly let our dogs down
(with Rob Laidlaw, Director, Zoocheck)

Yes! Canada has Wild Horses!
(with Julie Woodyer, Campaigns Director, Zoocheck)

Cetaceans In Captivity
(with Naomi Rose, marine mammal scientist, Animal Welfare Institute)

The Massive Industry that is the Exotic Pet Trade
(with Rob Laidlaw, Director, Zoocheck)

What’s Inside Your Winter Coat?
(with Camille Labchuk, Executive Director, Animal Justice)

Elephants Don’t Belong In Captivity
(with Dr. Winnie Kiiru, elephant biologist)

Where Should We Be Getting Our Pets?
(with Liz White, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada)

The Misnomer that is Animal ‘Ambassadors’
(with Randy Malamud, author, Regent’s Professor of English at Georgia State University)

Let’s Keep Polar Bears Where They Belong: In the Wild
(with Rob Laidlaw, Director, Zoocheck)

Is Captivity Ethical?
(with Andrew Fenton and Letitia Meynell, Professors, Dalhousie University)

The unfair persecution of the cormorant
(with Liz White, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada)

The little known technique of framing: tricks of the zoo trade
(with Rob Laidlaw, Director, Zoocheck)