Polar Bear Explorations: Grade Two

 Polar Bear KIW front of postcardAnimal Adaptations

  •  Discover how polar bears are superbly adapted for life in a cold world.
  • Experiment with blubber and ice water to find out how polar bears stay warm.
  • Check out a polar bear’s skull and teeth, and learn what it eats.
  • Try your best to see if you can jump as far as a polar bear can when it pounces on its prey.
  • Investigate how polar bears’ feet are adapted for ice and snow. Who has better feet for walking in the Arctic, you or the polar bear?
  • Play “The Great Polar Bear Migration”. Work cooperatively to hunt for seals as you cross the frozen ocean. Will you gain enough weight to survive?
  • Put it all together by comparing a captive habitat with a wild one, and find out why polar bears are ill-suited for life in captivity.
  • Best of all, find out what you can do to help Yupi, a captive polar bear living in Mexico.