Rights 2 Exhibit Opens This Saturday


Horses, By Cesar Forero. Bronze 9″x6″x6″. Up for auction at the opening. Minimum bid $2500.

Cesar Forero lives in the small Northern Ontario community of Kirkland Lake with his partner and son. Cesar has a great appreciation for the natural world and says that living up north “has opened my practice to the materials of the Canadian wilderness, and its deep coexistence with the wild natural environment.” Forero’s work promotes peaceful coexistence between humans, animals and the environment. With aspirations to protect wildlife, in April of 2015 Cesar approached Zoocheck with an innovative idea to raise funds for Zoocheck’s campaigns. Fast forward through six months of creating and planning and we are now two days away from the opening of Rights 2.



Yesterday Cesar and his family diligently packed up his paintings and sculptures for the Rights 2 Exhibit and drove the 600km from Kirkland Lake to Toronto’s west end. Today the preparations continue as the Exhibit is installed at Articsók Gallery. Cesar says you need to always give yourself a buffer day when it comes to installation as you never know what may happen. Fingers crossed all goes well.


Moving in

Artist Cesar Forero and gallery co-owner Peter Alexander Por hard at work setting up for Rights 2

Come out this Saturday evening anytime between 6-10pm and learn more about Cesar and his art. The opening event will include a fantastic dance performance by Cesar Forero and Emily Moore at 6pm & 8pm, followed by an artist walk through and a talk by Zoocheck’s Director Rob Laidlaw.

Drop by for 15 minutes to place your bid on the miniature bronze horse sculpture pictured above or stay the entire evening to mingle with animal protection advocates. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

If you can’t make it to the opening or the follow up events on the evenings of Nov 21st & Dec 5th but would still like to see Cesar Forero’s art, drop by Articsok Gallery Wednesday – Saturday from Noon – 6:00pm between Nov. 7th and Dec. 5th.

Articsok Gallery
1697 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, ON M6N 1J2

For more information view this ad or contact Danielle Lewis: danielle@zoocheck.com

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