Save Our Seas: Grade 4

Turtle KIW front of Postcard


  • Discover the impact pollution has on the animals in a marine habitat.
  • Find out what it’s like to become entangled in litter.
  • Check out the contents of the stomach of a sperm whale who washed up on a beach in North Carolina.
  • Play an ocean feeding game – collect food items and see how many calories you need to stay alive. Can you survive once the “perils of plastic” invade your habitat?
  • Learn all about the albatross – where it lives, what it eats, and how it cares for its chicks. Learn how to create a dichotomous key to classify what debris items albatross are likely to eat, and what impact ingested plastic has.
  • Learn how you can protect wild animals by conserving and protecting their wild habitats.

** Great workshop option for Ontario Eco-schools **