Other Ways to Support Zoocheck

Zoocheck is now proudly involved with the Aeroplan Member Donation Program! If you are an Aeroplan Member, please consider donating your points to Zoocheck. These points would go towards any flights that are required to implement our wildlife campaigns, including flights for medical teams to assess animals.

TeProud ECHOage Partnerach Children to be Charitable 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ECHOage, where kids who care about animals can make a difference raising money and awareness on their birthday. ECHOage makes throwing a party much easier and the gifting part so much more meaningful.

Kids get to choose any birthday (or other occasion) gift they want AND make a donation to Zoocheck. Guests contribute online and the funds get split between the child and the charity.

Host your next party through ECHOage

A Little Change Can Save an Animal

Zoocheck is now a partner of ChangeIt; a new way to donate while making everyday purchases using your existing BMO MasterCard (or card from another financial institution that has partnered with ChangeIt.) ChangeIt lets you automatically round up your purchases and donate the difference to us!

With ChangeIt you can track your donations online, control your rounding preferences and even set a monthly maximum. At the start of each month, a donation notification will be delivered straight to your inbox from ChangeIt to let you know how much you donated in the previous cycle. You’ll also receive an annual Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes from us for every penny you donate.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign up via the Round Up and Donate button
  2. Select Zoocheck and set your rounding limits
  3. Start making a difference!

Air Miles Logo

Use your AIR MILES Cash Miles to make a difference! The AIR MILES Charity Platform is powered by ChangeIt and allows you to donate your Miles to Zoocheck. We have to travel to Zoo’s throughout the country and could put these miles to good use.  Do good and feel great by using your Miles to support the cause most important to you, animals!