St. Catharines City Council says NO to Reptilia on Dec 12th

We’re pleased to report that St. Catharines City Council voted unanimously to reject Reptilia’s request for an exemption to its animal control bylaw at its December 12th meeting.This is a significant step forward in the protection of reptiles and amphibians in Ontario.

Reptilia is a commercial reptile zoo business that operates a reptile zoo, sells reptile pet products and promotes a wide variety of on and offsite uses of reptiles, including children’s parties, corporate events, meet and greets, stage shows, rentals for film productions and mobile zoos, to name just several. Reptilia is in the midst of trying to expand the number of their locations in Canada and possibly the United States.

Zoocheck’s initiative to help exotic animals, and particularly reptiles, has been ongoing for the past 4 years and we’ve made tremendous headway in numerous jurisdictions on a variety of issues. Thank you to all the local citizens, other organizations, experts and members of academia who assisted in St. Catharines to make this a reality.