BILL S-241 To Protect Elephants, Great Apes and Certain Other Animals in Canada

A Positive Step Forward for the Protection of Exotic and Native Wildlife in Canada

Zoocheck is pleased to support Bill S-241, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code and the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (great apes, elephants and certain other animals) and to have provided assistance in its development.


On March 22, 2022, Senator Marty Klyne re-introduced Bill S-241 to the Senate of Canada. The proposed Bill S-241 was a updated version of a bill introduced by Senator Murray Sinclair in 2020. T


  • Establish strong new protections for captive big cats, bears, walruses, sea lions and seals, certain monkey species and a significant number of potentially dangerous reptiles, including giant constricting snakes, venomous snakes and crocodilians.
  • Phase out elephant captivity in Canada.
  • Provide enhanced protections for Great Apes.
  • Give limited legal standing to the animal species listed in the Act.
  • Create a designation for “qualified animal care organizations” and restict the keeping of the Act’s listed animal species to those facilities.
  • Require permits for the keeping or breeding of listed animal species.
  • Prevent roadside zoos, private animal menageries and other substandard facilities or businesses from acquiring listed animal species.
  • In some situations, allow the courts to designate advocates for animals who act on their behalf.
  • Support action on the illegal (and legal) wildlife trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn

Read why Bill S-241 is worthwhile (from a legal standpoint and otherwise)


Read Senator Marty Klyne’s press release.

In addition to scientists, veterinarians, conservationists, animal welfare professionals, Coastal First Nations, numerous Senators (including Senators Patricia Bovey, Julie Miville-Dechene, Peter Harder, Chantal Petitclerc, Jane Cordy and Mary Coyle), other politicians and members of the public, Bill S-241 is also supported by Canada’s leading animal protection organizations, including:


  • World Animal Protection
  • Humane Canada
  • Humane Society International/Canada
  • Animal Justice

The following zoos also support Bill S-241:

  • Toronto Zoo
  • Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Granby Zoo
  • Montreal Biodome

Read the Coalition Statement in Support of Bill S-241

Read or watch the speeches in the Senate of Canada by Senators Marty Klyne, Patricia Bovey, Julie Miville-Dechene, Peter Harder, Chantal Petitclerc, Jane Cordy and Mary Coyle.

Promote Bill S-241 to friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and others in person and online.  Click here for a Bill S-241 – Infographic.

Let the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Minister of Justice and Attorney General and the Prime Minister know that you strongly support Bill S-241. Click here to sign the auto letter prepared by our colleagues at World Animal Protection.