London votes against bylaw amendments for Reptilia

We’re pleased to report that on February 14 2023 London City Council voted 9 – 6 against moving forward with a Reptilia exemption to London’s animal control bylaw and the creation of a business licensing category for exotic animal establishments. This is a very positive development for reptiles and other animals and is the third time London City Council has rejected making changes for Reptilia. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this initiative a success.

Nile crocodile

Reptilia had already constructed a facility in the Westmount Shopping Mall but will not be allowed to keep the crocodiles, giant constricting snakes, venomous reptiles and a variety of other animals they had hoped to.

Subsequent to the London City Council decision Reptilia has been quoted in various media stories as saying they plan to open up with exotic animals despite Council’s decision. They also said they will go to the Superior Court of Ontario to challenge London’s decision and their animal control bylaw. There will no doubt be more developments on this in the very near future.

Snouted Cobra (Naja annulifera)

Reptilia has been working to establish multiple locations across Ontario. However, their plans for locations in St. Catharines and Toronto hit roadblocks when St. Catharines City Council said no to Reptilia in 2022 and the Toronto City Council did as well in 2021.