Essential Reading for Wildlife Ethusiasts

The Subjugation of Canadian Wildlife, Failures of Principle and Policy is a must read book by long-time Zoocheck friend Max Foran and it’s one of the best books ever explaining why Canadian wildlife is treated like it is today. It should be required reading in every university and college wildlife management course.

According to Zoocheck Director Rob Laidlaw, “When I read the manuscript, so much was clarified. Since Zoocheck works to protect wildlife harmed by antiquated wildlife management policies, every page resonated with me. I’ve often wondered why so many nonsensical, destructive wildlife policies still exist in Canada and Max Foran has provided answers. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It should be in the Top 5 reading list of every wildlife advocate.”

Max Foran presented a very powerful keynote speech at Zoocheck’s wild horse symposium in Cochrane, Alberta several years ago. Watch for a video of his speech to be posted soon.