Special Training and Environmental Enrichment Workshop

Enhancing the Welfare of Rescued Animals with Positive Reinforcement Training
and Environmental Enrichment

with Margaret Whitaker

OCTOBER 5 & 6, 2016

This unique two-day Workshop is designed for anyone working with animals in sanctuaries, rescue centers, zoos and other facilities. The workshop features an array of topics related to behavioral management, with a focus on environmental enrichment and positive reinforcement training to improve husbandry. The format includes lecture, discussion, and demonstrations, and skills and techniques taught are focused on improving animal welfare, rehabilitation, and management to facilitate the provision of optimal care. The Workshop format is interactive, so be prepared to share and participate to make the experience as useful as possible.

Day A: Positive Reinforcement Training
Day B: Environmental Enrichment

Principles apply to both domesticated and wild animals.

Workshop fee: $50 for both days or $25 for single days (includes lunch).

Location: Wishing Well Sanctuary, Bradford, Ontario

If you’d like to attend this Workshop or would like more information, please email Zoocheck < zoocheck@zoocheck.com > with your name, affiliation (if any), address (optional), phone and email.