New Legal Action to Relieve Lucy’s Distress

For Immediate Release September 6, 2016

Zoocheck and Voice for Animals Launch

New Legal Action to Relieve Lucy’s Distress

In the ongoing battle to have zoo standards enforced in Alberta to protect Lucy, the lone elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, Zoocheck and Voice for Animals has filed an Originating Application for Judicial Review. We strongly oppose the government of Alberta’s decision to renew the Valley Zoo’s permit since they have failed to comply with the zoo standards for many years.

“Alberta’s Zoo Standards require that animals be kept in appropriate social groups and that the enclosures meet the animals’ basic needs. This is not being done for Lucy,” reported Julie Woodyer, Campaigns Director for Zoocheck. “We advocated for many years to get the Alberta Zoo Standards enacted, and although among the best in Canada, we now want to ensure they are enforced.”

“Lucy’s circumstances are inadequate in so many ways and most importantly they fail to comply with Alberta’s Zoo Standards. The Zoo Standards were enacted to protect captive animals in Alberta and, therefore, must be enforced.” Tove Reece, Executive Director, Voice for Animals.

Several affidavits have been submitted with the originating application with evidence to support the assertion by Zoocheck and Voice for Animals that the Ministry of Environment and Parks has failed to meet their duty to ensure that the Valley Zoo is in compliance with the Zoo Standards prior to issuing a zoo permit.

Affidavit of Julie Woodyer 2016

Ensley report 2016

Affidavit Dr. Lindsay

Keith Lindsay 2010 Affidavit

Affidavit T. Reece

M. Whittaker Affidavit


For more information about the program: Julie Woodyer, Zoocheck Canada Office: 1-888-801-3222 (toll free)

Cell #: 416-451-5976

Tove Reece, Voice 4 Animals

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