Open your eyes to the astonishing world of fish with scientist Jonathan Balcombe

WhatAFishKnowsThink Fish Are Boring? Well Think Again!

an illustrated presentation, Q & A and book signing

with Dr. Jonathan Balcombe

Wednesday September 28, 2016
7 – 9 pm
Palmerston Library Theatre
560 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

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Zoocheck is pleased to announce What a Fish Knows, The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins featuring renowned scientist/author Jonathan Balcombe on September 28th at the Palmerston Library Theatre in Toronto. This combination illustrated talk, Q & A and book release/signing event will forever change the way you think about the more than 30,000 species of fish that inhabit virtually every body of water on the planet. Jonathan Balcombe

Despite there being more species of fish than all of the other vertebrate animals combined, few people know about the reality of fishes. Jonathan Balcombe will challenge our current perceptions and beliefs about our underwater relatives and show us just how diverse and amazing they are.

Did you know that fishes can feel pain…both physical and emotional? That research proves that fish, just like people, find pain to be distracting, hindering their ability to function properly. And that fish, like people, are willing to sacrifice some “creature comforts” to alleviate pain.

Balcombe will also shed light on the relationships that fishes develop with each other and even with other fish species. One example are groupers who, unable to reach food inside a coral structure, will locate and signal a moray eel, and lead it back so the eel can chase out whatever prey is inside. Both the grouper and the eel benefit from this mutual endeavor. Hear the story about 2 fishes living in a fish tank, and how a traumatic event actually brought them closer together!

People have long assumed that fish don’t have advanced cognitive, emotional and social capabilities, but that erroneous notion is rapidly being dismantled. Think that pet goldfish of yours can’t communicate with you?! Learn about the multiple ways they try to get our attention, such as picking up a rock inside their tank and tapping it on the glass!

If you’ve ever thought about the lives of fish, or keep fish for decoration or as a hobby in your home, or visit public aquariums or fish outdoors for recreation, then you will find this event both informative and revelatory. So join us for this entertaining and informative event that will forever change the way you view our underwater cousins.

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