W5 Looks Into Alberta’s Wild Horses


On November 7th CTV’s award winning news magazine program W5 will be airing a segment about Alberta’s wild horses.

There is significant scientific evidence that the wild horses we see in Alberta have been roaming the foothills for two and a half centuries and are descendants of, or genetically equivalent to, horses that have been in North America for thousands of years. For a number of years now, the Government of Alberta has been issuing permits for the capture of wild horses. Their publicly stated rationale for facilitating the captures is that the horses are negatively impacting the areas in which they live and therefore need to be controlled. A year long investigation by Zoocheck has found that the government’s claims lack any scientific basis and instead are geared more toward satisfying perceived political needs than anything else. There is no evidence that the horses are responsible for any harmful damage to the rangeland.



Please help Zoocheck’s wild horse campaign by contacting Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley and the Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips and ask them to stop the round up of Alberta’s wild horses.

We’ll have more on the wild horse issue soon. In the meantime, tune in to W5 on November 7th at 7pm. Not to worry, if you happen to come to our fundraiser on Saturday evening you can catch the episode online for one week starting November 8th.



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