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Senate Hearing Testimony Illustrates Why Zoos and Elephants are a Bad Mix

Hearings now complete, Senate Committee study to follow An Opinion Editorial by Barry Kent MacKay On April 11, 2024, the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs held a hearing with stakeholders to consider Bill S-15, an Act to Amend the Criminal Code and the Wild Animal and Plant […]

Second kangaroo escape sympton of Ontario’s inaction on exotic animals

Escapes, human injuries and deaths, animal suffering and perpetual problems for municipalities the result of lack of exotic animal regulation in Ontario While some reporting of the escaped kangaroos treat the incidents very lightly, they are actually a sign of a very problematic, broken system in Ontario. Unlike most other […]

Snakes need space just like all other animals

By Rob Laidlaw Imagine being in a tiny tank, drawer or container where you can’t even stretch out. While understanding of the basic biological, behavioural and social needs of wild animals in captivity has grown substantially in recent decades, some animals are still subjected to longstanding, outdated, inhumane husbandry conditions […]