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Why is City of London considering settlement with Reptilia?

Another court postponement to May 24th as City and Reptilia not yet agreed on terms of “offer to settle” in City-initiated legal action After waiting more than 9 months for the March 18, 2024 trial date in the City of London vs. Reptilia case, the court appearance lasted less than […]

Senate Hearing Testimony Illustrates Why Zoos and Elephants are a Bad Mix

Hearings now complete, Senate Committee study to follow An Opinion Editorial by Barry Kent MacKay On April 11, 2024, the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs held a hearing with stakeholders to consider Bill S-15, an Act to Amend the Criminal Code and the Wild Animal and Plant […]

Support Bill S-15 for elephants & great apes!

SUPPORT BILL S-15! A BIG STEP FORWARD FOR CAPTIVE WILD ANIMALS IN CANADA     Bill S-15 is now in the midst of 2nd reading hearings. They should be completed by the end of May 2024. Elephants and great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans) are highly sentient animals who have […]

Second kangaroo escape sympton of Ontario’s inaction on exotic animals

Escapes, human injuries and deaths, animal suffering and perpetual problems for municipalities the result of lack of exotic animal regulation in Ontario While some reporting of the escaped kangaroos treat the incidents very lightly, they are actually a sign of a very problematic, broken system in Ontario. Unlike most other […]

Whitby says NO to prohibited exotic animals at Nova’s Ark

Congratulations & Thank You to Whitby Town Council and Staff for Protecting Children and Animals On Monday January 8th, the Town of Whitby’s Committee of the Whole said NO to prohibited wild and exotic animals staying at the Nova’s Ark children’s camp. The facility houses 350 animals representing a wide […]


Guest commentary by Kira Pedersen  (July 2023) I recently visited a mobile zoo exhibit where, among other animals, I met a sloth for the first time and it wasn’t fun. While it was a miserable experience for me, it was undoubtedly worse for the sloth. The traveling animal show was […]

Why does Ontario want more penned hunting compounds?

COMMENTS NEEDED BY MAY 18, 2023 The Ontario government’s proposed expansion of hunting dog training and trialing compounds (penned hunting) is another nonsensical and disturbing wildlife use development that should not be supported by anyone, including hunters who consider themselves ethical. The expansion of dog training and trialing compounds is […]

Dispensable lives, zoos and culling (Guest Opinion Editorial)

Guest Opinion Commentary – March 2023 by Shubhobroto Ghosh, Wildlife Research Manager of World Animal Protection (India), author of Dreaming in Calcutta And Channel Islands Following news of zoos and animals in captivity as I do regularly, some recent news of animals being intentionally killed in zoos caught my eye. […]

An Alternative Future for Looking at Non-wild Wildlife

By Kathryn Sussman  (June 12, 2016)   Will alternative displays and virtual zoos begin to replace traditional zoos in the not too distant future? Rather than looking at caged animals in unnatural and, more often than not, inadequate conditions, there are now exciting and diverse alternatives to the traditional zoo […]